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Kindle Fire / Fir HD first, second gen questions

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OK, a bit frustrating to say the least when you are trying to find out the type of Kindle Fire you have 1st or second generation and you send a .mobi file to someone who also has a a Kindle Fire to find out there are a lot of discrepancies and huge differences that I had no choice but to ask here to here we go

I would think that somewhere in my Kindle it would tell me which version I have 1st or second. Can't find there or the user guide so the only thing I can do is write that in the device tab it lists
internal storage 5.37gb and a serial number. How do I know which KF I have?


if I'm in a book ( .mobi) and I hit the font icon I get a font style tab a typeface tab and 8 Aa sizes 3 line spaces

in typeface I have Georgia, Caecillia Trebuchet
Verdana, Arial, Times NR, Courier and Lucinda.

The person I'm speaking with also has a Kindle Fire and he has different fonts in the list. But yet if we both choose a font we both have (Georgia) and look at the same .mobi file he sees the pages differently ( line spacing and font size)

but the weirdest of all is if I look at a page of a mobi which starts with a sentence and ends with another sentence why is it that the person with the other Kindle Fire does not see the same thing as he does not have the same menu I do ?

they see the page text carrying over to a other page even though we are looking at the same document (.mobi) same font, same size?

Then I notice If I attempt to change the line spacing swipe a few pages front and back, then go back to another line space setting the page now displays the text either in the middle of the page or at the bottom ( in other words it changes the way it looked in the first setting )

This is causing huge problems for me as  I'm trying to do a mobi for someone and we both have Kindle Fire's yet he is not seeing what I'm seeing as shouldn't we see the exact same thing?

any help as this is confusing and causing alot of frustration.


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you have the first gen Fire. Your friend has the new (2nd gen) Fire. Trebuchet is not on the new one.
Part of the way that Amazon handles ebooks is by location, not by page number. When things change (font, size, spacing, margins) it will change the look, amount of words per page, and so on. If you need to jump to the same location in a book, you should be able to type in the same location number on both.

The same thing can happen with print books. Pages don't always match if each person has different printings (hardcover, paperback, print runs...).

How is it causing a problem (other than just the possibility of a page/screen starting with a different word/paragraph?
Thanks for that info, I knew there had to be something wrong. I was speaking to the person with the Kindle and when he mentioned the different fonts / menu I was unsure what he was looking at.

So with that mentioned next phase here is to find out:

if I took a word doc, converted to html used helvetica font as long as the two Kindles gen 1 and gen 2 use the same viewing font ( both have Georgia ) we still do not see the same line spacing or paragraphs per page, why is this?

And finally, the problem which irks me the most is my location 5 has 6 paragraphs , his location 5 has 5 paragraphs and then if you turn the page it is a blank where mine does not have a blank.

But if I change fonts or line spacing, then go back to the original the blank appears on my side and the paragraph starts in the middle of the location area. This is the most frustrating when you are going over a book page by page or location by location and I see one thing and the other Kindle displays different.

I would think that the re positioning and or re spacing would not happen as this is an issue for the person who owns the file as they see this as a mistake and when I tell then I do not see it or " wait a second now, I see it, then turn a few pages and return to the spot and the re spacing is gone.

Best way at this point is to show screenshots maybe?

I'm lost and frustrated to say the least. Anyone else?

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