Today's Free App of the Day is Amazing Alex Premium
Originally $0.99

This a physics puzzler from the makers of Angry Birds. It's apparently reminiscent of a game called The Incredible Machine. You use tools that are presented to you to direct balls, balloons and other objects to collect stars, with a goal of the maximum three stars per level. The first several levels pretty much direct you on which tools to use where, as a tutorial, and then you're on your own. So far, you're only given as many pieces as you need, so that makes it simpler, although you still have to get them placed exactly right. You can rotate pieces as well as move them around.

I'd give it a solid four stars. It's a little repetitious in the lower levels. Some reviewers complain about it not working on Fires; the compatibility list shows it does work on the original Fire. Some reviewers complain about in-app purchases and links to social media. I didn't find it invasive.

31 of 52 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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