The theme today is "Survival."

Today's Free App of the Day is Army Survival Guide.
Originally $0.99

If you want to be ready for the zombie invasion, this might be the app for you. On the other hand, according to the reviews, this is Army FM 21-76 in app form and you'd be better off with it as an actual e-book so you can search to find what you need when the zombies are within eyesight, instead of paging through while backing up. ;)

Not very well reviewed. Three stars after 10 reviews. So, today, we have a KBAAD and also, the FM 21-76 in ebook form...

Continuing the survival theme, today's KindleBoards Alternate App of the Day is Hot Donut.

Keep your donut alive! You control a rolling donut in this platform style game. You get tips on how to play as you go. It does ask if you want to join Open Feint and has in-app purchases. Both of which, just say no! I picked this one up; game play is fun. Did I mention it's free?

And, for those of you who want to be prepared for the zombie invasion, the Army Field Manual FM 21-76 is available in ebook form (not free--it's $2.99.) So maybe the app isn't such a bad deal. I'm sure the zombies won't mind waiting while you skim the book....

Have fun! Also check out the other digital deals from Amazon, including great deals on MP3s and videos: