Today's Free App of the Day is Bunny Mania 2 HD
Originally $0.99

This was a prior Free App of the Day on July 29, 2013, so if you missed it then, here's your chance!

Bunnies drop from a giant top hat in the sky. Your job is to direct them by tapping on a control and then tapping on the bunny you want the control to apply to.

Your goals are to pick up carrots and flowers and get as many bunnies to the bunny hut as possible. If you get all the bunnies, you get three gold stars. If you lose bunnies, you get fewer stars.

The bunnies, after dropping, will start walking immediately and will not change direction until they bump into something. They can survive small drops but not large ones. You can use one of the controls to stop a bunny; bunnies behind them will will bump into them and turn around. More controls become available as you progress through the layers.

Controls I've encountered so far include walk (to restart a stopped bunny), dig (the bunny digs a shaft down to the next level.) A stopped bunny will start up again in the direction shown by the arrow above his head. There's a bridge building control.

You can access a help menu through the settings.

I think the graphics are well done but the bunnies are tiny on my 7" HDX, and you can't zoom in. I think this would be unplayable on a phone. On my HDX, when I am choosing a level to play on the "levels" menu, sometimes I have to exit the levels menu and go back into the levels in order for tapping on a level to enter that level. You are able to redo levels to try to get all of the stars.

There is a hint button (light bulb) that will show you the path that the bunnies are supposed to take.

I give this four stars. I'd give it five if the graphics were larger scale. Plays in landscape mode in a single orientation.

61 of 101 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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