Today's Free App of the Day is Sticks
Originally $1.99

Simple but effective version of what my brother and I called "boxes" when we were growing up. You have an array of dots, and you take turns connecting them trying to form a box before the other person does. Who ever completes the box gets credit for it. Growing up, we just wrote our initial in the box and then counted them at the end.

In this game, you get points for each box you complete. There are bonus points awarded for boxes with icons, plus an icon that makes you lose your turn if you complete a box with that icon. You can play against the computer (CPU) in either easy or hard mode, or against other players or teams. You can choose number of players after you click on New Game, and once you've chosen the number of players and whether any of those players will be the computer, you can choose the layout (Classic or Advanced--Advanced has triangles and polygons rather than squares) and Game Settings which allows you to set the time limits, the number of rounds played in a game, the size of the array and whether or not to pre-take random sticks.

In Options, on the main menu, you can turn off the sound and the tutorials and set the language to either English or Danish. It's playable in Airplane mode. Fun game. The only one star review is bogus.

6 of 9 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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