Today's Free App of the Day is Bowling Wizards
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Let me start by saying this is not a bowling game as such. This has more in common with the physics games such as Angry Birds. You get different kinds of bowling balls (bowlaids) and must hit them with your "bowlons" to try to knock down your pins in a certain amount of time. You are earn up to three stars based, apparently, on time, the number of pins you knock down and the number of "bowlaids" you have to use. Think of the "bowlaids" as the birds in Angry Birds and the "bowlons" as the slingshot. Graphics are pretty good. Think of this as having little to do with the actual game of bowling, as we know it. I would rate it 3 to 4 stars after one round to test it. Fun enough.

4 of 8 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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