Today's Free App of the Day is Color Switch
Originally $0.99

This is a well-reviewed logic game. You get a grid (which you can change the size of) that defaults as a four by four grid. Some of the tiles are light and dark. The goal is to turn all the tiles dark by tapping on them. The tricky part is that when you tap on a square, it reverses the status of the square you tap AND the four adjacent squares (up, down, left, right). So, if a square was light, it turns dark.

This is where strategy comes in. The number of moves you take is tracked for stats for the grid size you are working with. Liked this game! Five stars. From the product page: Color Switch is a brain bending, tile-based puzzle game. Tapping a tile switches that tile and any adjacent tiles from light to dark or vice versa. Keep switching until all the tiles are dark and you win! Simple rules, crazy hard game. Change the size of the board to increase difficulty, anywhere from 3x3 to 30x30 if your device is large enough! Stats are tracked so you can pay attention to your progress and you can choose from six vivid colors.

Game plays in one portrait mode only.

11 of 13 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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