Today's Free App of the Day is Courli
Originally $0.99

A gentle and cheerful platform game. Early reviews are quite good. I played it and it's pleasing and the early levels at least are not difficult. There is a brief tutorial in the first level. The goal is to maneuver your bouncing, smiling ball to collect all of the coins and gems on each level as quickly as possible. You control the ball with your thumbs using simple left and right buttons at the bottom of your screen. Based on your time and score, you earn 1-3 stars for the level once you complete it. You can replay levels to try to improve your time. Replaying the first level replays the tutorial. It comes with four worlds--you start in Green World--with almost 400 levels total across the four worlds. Seems like a solid four-star game to me--nothing unique but a well done example of its genre. Playable in airplane mode. Plays in a single landscape mode (doesn't rotate 180 degrees.) No reviews below 3-stars. One review mentioned a free version is available on Google Play.

11 of 13 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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