Today's Free App of the Day is CRUSH
Originally $1.99

This is a Tetris-like game with some nice touches. Instead of fitting falling shapes, you have to eliminate groupings of the same color in an advancing stack by tapping on one of the blocks in the group as the stack advances from the top of the screen towards the bottom. When the blocks get to close to the bottom, the words "Danger" appear, and the game will pause and then, if you don't get rid of enough blocks in the next move, you're finished! The screen make it looks like the blocks are advancing down and away, kind of like the old fashioned movie trailers. You can change the angle of the tilt from "low" to "high" in options. There are two modes, think and react. In Think, the stack moves very slowly, and advances more when you remove a block, in React, they're faster. You can play with the settings for each in Options. There is a simple Help screen. Basically it says touch blocks to destroy all matching. (That touch the block you tap, though it doesn't say that.) There are some power ups that appear as you earn them. You do get to choose one of the powerups to use, at a cost. So far, I've seen Remix--every row mixed up and dropped; Slow--briefly slow down the stack and Chop--closest 25 blocks removed. Options include sound, music, Helper? and Touch2. Not sure what that is--you get the choices of "nothing" and "use power." Playable only in portrait mode in one orientation. Playable in airplane mode. I enjoyed it, though we'll see about replay value.

3 of 3 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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