Today's Free App of the Day is Daily Cardio Workout

Originally $0.99

This is a quick but intense cardio workout. One of the company's other apps, Daily Arm Workout, was free before.

For those familiar from the prior app, the set up is the same. You can set the workout to be 5 minutes, 7.5 minutes or 10 minutes. You have a choice between two set workouts, a random exercise workout or a custom workout. There is a video demonstrating the exercise with a written description of the exercise underneath. The app can be used in either landscape mode or portrait, but I recommend portrait so that you can see the exercise description below the video. The size of the video (2 7/8") doesn't change from portrait to landscape.

There is a exercise countdown timer, a countdown of the remaining exercises to be performed and you get a round of applause when the exercise is done. You can pause the routine if you have to stop to answer the phone or eat a Twinkie.

As an example, the five minute workout starts with jogging in place for 30 seconds, then moves to jumping jacks, "Knee ups," "butt kickers," "mountain climber pulls," a step routine, "plie squat hops," "ski hops," "shuffle punches," and jump rope (without the rope).

I have several other exercise routines by the company, Daily Arm Routine, Daily Legs Routine, Daily Ab Routine and Daily (Workout) Ball Routine and really like them (obviously). I picked up this one right away.

Note that member ireadbooks said that he was getting spam notifications after installing the Daily Arms Routine. I have not, ever, and have several of their apps, as I've said. The only glitch I've seen so far has been that this one says "Daily Yoga Routine Complete" when you're done....Oopsie! ::)

Have fun!

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