Today's Free App of the Day is Dolphins of the Caribbean - Adventure of the Pirates Treasure
Originally $2.99

This is a graphics adventure (a bit light on the adventure so far) where you are on an island and must treat and train two sick dolphins in order to search for pirate treasure. There's not much puzzle solving so far, the various characters tell you pretty much what you need to know.

You have to call it a day when the characters tell you to by going to your hammock (which is kind of hard to find). You can scroll dialog boxes by dragging on the little red bar to the right of the box. End a task by tapping on the right arrow at the bottom right of the current task.

At this point in the game, I'm only just beginning to train the dolphins. The dolphins are kind of like virtual pets, they have health, hunger and happiness meters you have to keep topped up. Decent graphics. 3 stars, maybe 4 from me. I'll play with it some more today.

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Have fun!

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