Today's Free App of the Day is DragonBox Algebra 5+
Originally $5.99

This is an app to teach kids ages five and up algebraic concepts--solving for "x." At least on the levels I've been working on, you're working on simplifying the equation and then solving for "X" except that, at the beginning, X is a box. Algebraic notation is slowly snuck in; at the beginning, you are matching "cards" of little monsters. I was having fun, though a little more instruction would probably be best. You want to make sure you make all available moves on both sides of the "equation" before isolating the box. It's actually fun, and you can view it as puzzle solving if you're math phobic. My main complaint is that the images are kind of small, I think it would be more fun and attractive to kids (and to this adult) if the "cards" were bigger. The structure is familiar, you play levels, trying to earn up to three stars based on the number of moves and the number of "cards." Completing one level opens the next level. When you finish all the levels, you can open a new chapter. Four stars out of five. Good for home schoolers.

49 of 57 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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