Today's Free App of the Day is Granny Smith
Originally $1.99

This is a physics based game platform game. Granny and an apple thief skate through the countryside trying to grab coins and apples. Your goal is to gather as many coins and apples as you can and to beat the apple thief to the finish line.

You can jump over obstacles or use granny's cane to grab overhead rails to travel on (starting in level 2). When you come to something you need to jump over, you press the jump button or the cane button. But, unlike most other platform games, when you release is important. You want Granny to land on her feet. If she lands on her feet, you get points. The better she lands, the more points you get, and a perfect landing will be rewarded. She will occasionally land on her head or back, but will get up and continue on her own in most cases. I crashed Granny through a barn and she kept on keepin' on. If she fails to make a jump and falls into a hole, canyon or crevice, you'll have to replay the level. Sometimes you need to jump to reach a rail with the cane, so timing is important.

After you finish a level, the level is replayed as a vintage sepia-toned movie. The movie (of your highest score for that level, apparently) is saved and can be replayed at will by tapping on the level.

I like that you can play levels as "normal" or "hard." I haven't tried "hard" yet. I think I would play through at "normal" and then try playing through at "hard." You can pay 200 coins to skip a level. Clearing a level unlocks the next level to play or pay.

You get scored from 1-3 apples depending on how well you do on a level. Even if you don't actually beat the thief to the finish line, you can clear a level. Tap twice on the video (once to claim your medal if earned, the other to end the video) to return to the map. The number of apples you've earned on each level are shown on the map.

You can use the coins you've earned to buy power ups in the Tool Shed. I haven't figured out what they do yet, but they are a helmet, a banana peel and a base ball. You get five at a time for 20, 40 or 60 coins respectively.

Playable in airplane mode.

Despite granny's big eyes and buck teeth (yes, in the game she actually has buck teeth), the graphics are beautiful. I really like this game. Five stars from me.

No one-star reviews so far; the lowest was a three-star review.

16 of 17 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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