Today's Free App of the Day is Greebly
Originally $0.99

After nine reviews, four five-star, one four-star and two two-stars.

Again, it's okay. You build ramps to move your little robot from its starting position to where it plugs in. Graphics are simple, the robot is tiny on the Fire's screen though you can zoom in. It could benefit from some interesting backgrounds.

You can speed things up with a on-screen fast forward button and then slow them down again if you need to build something.

Because the app is so-so, we have a bonus pick today, Text+:

For those who don't have texting on their phone (there are still a few of us), this is a nice text app I've used. I like it because I can send group texts out, so when a bunch of us are trying to get together, I only have to send one text (and any replies also go to the group). Ad supported; there is also an ad-free version if you decide you like it.

Have fun!