Today's Free App of the Day is Hidden Garden
Originally $0.99

This is not a classic hidden object game. Instead, on each of 25 levels, you have to find 20 or so (sometimes less, sometimes more) butterflies, hearts or ladybugs. Each level contains only one type of object to find. It's a beautiful app, with lovely music (you get to choose one of four musical themes) but somewhat monotous.

My comments: if you tap too fast, even if you are tapping on objects, you get a time out. You get only one hint per level, and it doesn't appear until there is only one object left. You gain no benefit from NOT using the hint; you can't save hints from one level to another, so I ended up just using the hint for the last object more often than not. There's no time element, which is kind of zen, but on the other hand an option to do a timed element would be a nice option.

I'd say, since it's free, it's worth doing, but I got about halfway through in a relatively short time. It's a kind of play once and be done game.

103 of 195 reviews are four stars and above.

So we have a bonus pick: Bowling Paradise FREE.

This is a bowling game. Unlike the bowling game offered as a FAOTD earlier, this is actually bowling. You get one of three locales for free. The different locales have slightly different attributes for the ball. In "space," for example, the ball has a tendency to go up in the air as it goes down the alley. It was slightly easier to get strikes there. 238 of 373 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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