Today's Free App of the Day is Pettson's Inventions
Originally $1.99

I really liked this game. Once you figure out how the game works in general, it's not terribly difficult because the pieces that work snap into place and the ones that don't (and you are given items that won't work-though you can turn that off in settings) won't. It is quite entertaining. There are no written instructions, so the fact that can change to a number of different languages doesn't do much except for the credits. The sounds, music and drawings are quite whimsical. I'm not sure about replay value, but it's very entertaining to play through once. It can be played in airplane mode. There are two special games.

You earn a gear for each level you complete; they don't change based on speed or number of moves. But they accumulate at the bottom of the main menu page and you can roll them around the screen by tilting your device.

From the review by Rocman: "Pettson's Inventions is a Swedish physics game based on the fun concept of Rube Goldberg machines. The goal is for you to help Mr. Pettson complete his plethora of wacky inventions (basically Rube Goldberg machines) that are used to complete various tasks such as waking up an old man or starting the fire to boil a pot of water. The game is divided into 27 levels, each containing one invention which you have to piece together from various parts that are shown on the left of your screen. At the start of each level, Mr. Pettson makes an appearance and shows you what the desired task is for that particular machine. He also makes a funny whimsical noise which is surprisingly hilarious. There's a play button near the top of the screen which triggers the machine. There's no tutorial per se - you kind of pick up as you play through the first two levels. It might seem difficult or even intimating at first, but you quickly pick up on the general mechanics after the necessary trial and error. Once you complete the task, Mr. Pettson comes out to congratulate you with another whimsical groan and a new component is unlocked for your future inventions."
10 of 12 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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