Today's Free App of the Day is King Oddball
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Today's Free App of the Day is a fun physics game, if a bit weird. "Oddball is right!" Like, say, Angry Birds, the goal is to fling something and destroy targets. In this case, you're helping King Oddball defend his world.

You use a boulder stuck to the King's tongue (kinda creepy!) and you destroy tanks to clear the land of the enemy. You have to pick the right moment to tap the screen to release the boulder. Like most of these games, you get three tries to destroy all of the items (tanks).

Unlike most of these games, it's all or nothing--there are no stars to earn. You either succeed and move on or you don't, in which case you can try again or "retreat." Retreat means you can try a different round in the same level. Unlike most of these games, progress is not linear.

In keeping with the game's premise that you are defending your territory, you are playing to clear a grid. A map is revealed as you clear the grid. Once you win a round, you can play additional rounds adjacent to your cleared area on the grid. You start in the lower left hand corner of the grid. For example, after clearing the first round, you can try either the space above it or to the right. If you decide to "retreat," you can play one of the other available uncleared areas in that level. There are 16 squares to clear per level. And it looks like nine levels in all.

Apparently you get extra boulders if you clear three targets with a single boulder--I haven't achieved that yet. This was fun and compelling, though the whole boulder stuck to a tongue thing is kind of odd. But it works.

I like not having the pressure to try to have a perfect round and earn three stars. You do get a compliment from the King after you've cleared the round, and they seem to be better (Spectacular! vs Nice!) if you get use fewer boulders, but that's about it. I'll give this five stars. Unique variation, some unique aspects to the gameplay, a tutorial. Can be played in airplane mode.

'Bout the only thing I was slightly disappointed in was that there's no way to replay a round after clearing it. (Which is just my OCD kicking in--trying to clear the level with the first boulder, which is not required.) But then I found that when you discover the Hall of Diamonds in the second level, you can then replay old levels. Yay! Achievements are also unlicked during the second round. And there is a "Secret Mustache World" somewhere.
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Have fun!

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