Today's Free App of the Day is Knock-Knock
Originally $4.99

This is a creepy, supposedly scary adventure game. There's not much about it on the product page, but there is this:

"Survive the night while maintaining the dilapidated cabin and preventing the threadbare sanity of the Lodger from unraveling completely. Hide from the grotesque intruders peering from the gloom and seek out the key to ending the Lodger's ordeal."

The major complaints are lack of instructions and inability to exit the game cleanly. It's definitely minimalist. You swipe or press and hold to direct the main character to explore. First, his home and then a larger area. You re given a brief direction on how to interact with some objects in the game or how to move around when in a new location. It's a very meditative kind of adventure game, with attractive graphics. I've gotten into the second location and then stopped to do this review. I like these kind of quirky games so I give it four stars.

The apps bundle that has been free for the last couple of days is still free. You can find them here.

8 of 15 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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