Today's Free App of the Day is LYNE
Originally $2.60

This is a most beautiful and unique variation on a "path" puzzle. You try to guess the correct path between pairs of shapes. You cannot cross a drawn path. The difficulty builds gradually, in lieu of a tutorial. You start with the most basic set and work on, adding multiple paths as you go. The shapes that have to be joined have a white shape within the shape; empty shapes are intermediate waypoints that must be crossed. For example, starting points might be triangles with a small white triangle inside. When you get to multiple paths, you can only cross a path at a designated intersection (designated with two interior shapes) that both paths must pass through. For example a stop-sign shape with two little diamonds inside. When you've connected two shapes, the entire path is outlined in white. An illegal move will show with a red outline. When you've completed the puzzle correctly, the entire drawing turns solid white and the next game appears automatically. As you connect shapes, you hear little electronic boops. I like that you can turn the sound on and off easily in mid game by tapping on the little triangle at the top of the page; a drop down that allows you to end the current game, resume or mute/unmute the sound appears. Tap on the little triangle now at the bottom to go back to the game. Five out of five stars for me.

15 of 16 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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