Today's Free App of the Day is MiniSquadron
Originally $2.99

I like this game. Graphics are good. I would give it a solid four stars. My only deduction would be for the flying control, which I think is a little small. You fly a small plane (as you progress you get more choices of the kind of plane to fly) and have to shoot down enemies. I find the best technique is to do a lot of looping and shooting. (You fly with the left control and shoot with the right.) I wish you switch those two; I think I might fly better with the right hand. Makes one wonder if it was designed by a left handed person. The left hander's revenge!!! ;D

I finally figured out to just drag my finger in circles or up and down on top of the control pad instead of tapping or whatever to fly the plane. It's got nice classical music that plays while you fly. You're supposed to be able to change the music but that didn't work for me...

Like, say, Plants v Zombies, you are attacked by wave after wave, in this case, by planes. You are told how many planes are in each wave. Eventually you clear the level. A fun game!

10 of 14 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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