Today's Free App of the Day is Monica Bunny Bashings
Originally $1.99

This game has received some negative or downrated reviews because it is similar to Angry Birds. On its own merit... You have a little girl, Monica, who apparently has a couple of very annoying brothers. She uses her stuffed bunnies to take them out one at a time, collecting gold stars on the way. (No little brothers were harmed in the making of this video game.)

The goal is to collect as many gold stars as possible (max 3) with as few bunnies as possible. You get bonus coins for unused bunnies. It is apparently a spin off from a Brazilian cartoon show or something. As you progress up the levels, different kinds of bunnies with different flight patterns and abilities become available. You take out the little brothers one at a time. Once you've taken out one, Monica takes the place of the now-vanquished brother, allowing her to try to take out the remaining brother from a different angle--this is part of the strategy and a nice addition. If you get all three stars, you get to spin a bonus wheel to win additional coins, a bonus game to earn coins, or nothing.

I think the control of arc and distance for the bunny is a little non-intuitive--I wasn't sure where to tap and drag and for some reason, probably my issue, it seems to work in the reverse of how I expect it. Otherwise, a nice little Angry Birds-style game. Sure, it's a clone. Angry Birds created an industry. But it's a different twist; and having a brother myself makes me enjoy this game all the more. :D

Some object to the brother-bashing; apparently it's okay to blow up little pigs but not brothers. Whatever. Those people apparently never had their brother throw a dart at them and hit them in the ankle.

Another is concern is the relatively large file size. It is a bit larger than I would like, but not nearly as bad as some games. It's definitely better than the average rating would indicate.

Plays in landscape mode and will rotate 180 degrees. Playable in airplane mode.

I'd give it a 4-. Just a shade under four stars.

3 of 8 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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