Today's Free App of the Day is Move It!
Originally $0.99
The goal of this one is to move a shape onto a specified target. You get a goal number of moves. I'd give this one four stars. Nice graphics, works smoothly. However, figuring out how to reset the game to play the same board again was more difficult that it should have been; that should have been a button on the initial screen. Instead, you tap "Menu," then, on the top menu bar, there's one of those new little dashed bars indicating a menu. Tap that and select "Reset." I'm going to keep this one and play with it.

Eight of eleven reviews are four stars and above. Only one seemed to be from the developer. One one-star talked about permissions. One talked about developer reviews (though I could only see one obvious one) and the pressure of having the number of moves to get to goal counted.

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Have fun!