Today's Free App of the Day is Numolition
Originally $1.99

This is a fun and attractive game where you blast groups of numbers on blocks with a goal of having no blocks remaining. You can move blocks to get like numbers together, and you can also combine blocks to make another number (up to the number 9). So, if you have a block with the number 9, and two blocks with 5 and 4 on them, you can combine the 5 and the 4 to make a block with the number 9. The first six levels or so constitute a tutorial. There are 50 levels. You earn a star for each successful level you complete. There are three different games--"Levels," and "Towers" and "Sandbox." Apparently Towers and Sandbox are unlocked after you earn stars. There are two one-star reviews, but one is undecipherable and the other appears to be without merit from the comments attached to it. I think it's a fun game, worth the FAOTD download.

8 of 10 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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