Today's Free App of the Day is Relax and Rest Meditations
Originally $1.99

From the Product Page:

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation with this app by Meditation Oasis™. Three meditations of varying lengths allow you to relax deeply regardless of how much time you have available. Written Meditation Tips help support your experience with the guided meditations.

-- Breath Awareness Guided Meditation (5 min) - to get centered and relaxed when you only have time for a short break.
-- Deep Rest Guided Meditation (13 min) - allows you to sink into a deeply restful state. Many people use this meditation for falling asleep.
-- Whole Body Guided Relaxation (24 min) - Relax totally and completely with this meditation which helps you locate tension in every part of the body, and let it go. Each meditation can be listened to with or without music.

Member JimC19446 says, in part, in his review: I enjoyed listening to the meditations. I think the app would be useful for just about anyone who's willing to take a few minutes out of their routine, close their eyes, and just listen to the calm, soothing voice. I found the voice kind of annoying and wished I could change it. Maybe they could get George Clooney to record some voiceovers.... Hey, it's free, give it a try!

32 of 36 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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