Today's Free App of the Day is Down The Hatch
Originally $0.99

This is a kind of endless runner, er, faller game which is better than the average star rating would indicate. Apparently back in 2012, when first released, it had some issues.

You have a little gremlin who is very, very hungry and goes into free fall. Using the tilt mechanism, you have to help the gremlin eat all the doughnuts, pies and cakes he goes by while falling and avoid the enemies. There is a health meter--if your health goes down to zero, you lose a life. Occasionally there is a new life powerup that he can consume to gain a life. The game is over when all the lives are exhausted.

There are various levels with different enemies on different levels. You earn various trophies. Unfortunately, once you earn a trophy, you can't tell what you earned it for. :D Check out the trophy screen from the main page and tap on the trophy silhouette to see what you're aiming for.

There is a calibration screen when you first start playing. There is also a help screen on the Main Menu which basically tells you what you can probably figure out for yourself as you play--the game doesn't need much instruction. Options include turning sound on and off, replaying the story or resetting the game.

I liked the game as endless runners go. It's more relaxed than some of them but gets progressively more challenging. The controls work very well and the game is very intuitive--you'll figure it out very quickly. I'd give this four stars.

27 of 68 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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