Today's Free App of the Day is Mahjong Sports
Originally $1.49

This is your typical Mahjong tile matching game with the ability to choose tile sets (designs), the background and whether the tiles are animated or not. There is a Tutorial and also a Training Mode under options. You can access the options or Tutorial within a game by tapping on the top bar (where it has the clock and number of moves) and then tapping on the menu bar at the top.

At the bottom of the screen are two options to change the orientation of the tiles--this may help you see the board differently enough to recognize matches--a shuffle key that looks like a die (dice), an undo button, a pause button and a hint button (the "advance" button on the far right). The hint button lights up a match--you have to look closely to see it. The shuffle button adds 10 seconds to your time.

When you tap on the menu button at the top, you'll see a "play" button in the upper right which will solve the game for you. The game works well, graphics are attractive. Nothing really unique but a good solid mahjong matching game.

The two one-star reviews have nothing to do with game play or the purchase experience, so this is really three out of three that are four stars or above. I'd call it a solid four star Mahjong game bordering on five stars.

3 of 5 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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