Today's Free App of the Day is SimplePhysics:

Originally $0.99

This is apparently a sequel to something called BridgeBasher? The idea is to build something and then see if it is sturdy enough, anything from "tree houses to Ferris wheels." You must build to support a certain amount of weight and within a budget.

It's kind of a logic problem with a twist, and I bought it right away. :D The graphics are quite nice, clean and crisp. I'm going to enjoy this one.

Only seven reviews at this point, 5 five-star and a two-star and a one-star. The two poor reviews said they couldn't download it to their Fire. I've already downloaded it and played it, so no worries there.

I looked up BridgeBasher, by the same company, and similar idea only with bridges, there are some fun variations in the way you can test your bridge, by adding bouncing balls, weights, or running a "word train" over it until it collapses. Free:

Have fun!

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