Today's Free App of the Day is Speed Math Trainer
Originally $2.99

7 customers reviews so far, one of them four stars. Average two stars at this point. I give the app a bonus star for not having any fake five star reviews.

This is a math quiz game.

From the product description:
See how you score in basic math in less than one minute, and start improving immediately with Speed Math Trainer. With practice and mental exercise, getting very good at math becomes easier, the ability to concentrate becomes stronger, and confidence builds. Increased confidence can then lead to success in life.

I feel another KBAAD coming...OK, here it is: Ninja Fishing

409 customer reviews, 386 of them four stars and above.

Sharpen your swords and swing your rods - it's time to fish...the NINJA way!

Otoro, a fitness challenged ninja, might not be the best fighter, but he sure has mad skills when it comes to fishing!

Cast your hook as deep as possible into the ocean, then use the tilt controls to reel back as many fish as you can. Finally, use the katana-powered touch technology to slice the scaly fish right out of the sky for maximum gold profit (watch out for the Dynamites).

The negative reviews talk about in-app purchases.

Have fun!
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