Today's Free App of the Day is Tiki Lavalanche
Originally $0.99

Only fifteen reviews so far, about evenly distributed between five and one star reviews. The one star reviews complain about in-app purchases, permissions, and fake reviews...though the first few five stars I looked at seemed legit to me... Most reviews that actually talk about game play are good.

It's a physics based game, you remove blocks to allow gold to drop; you must remove the wood without allowing the gold to drop into the lava. I enjoyed it--it's a kind of logic puzzle.

The structure is familiar--additional levels are unlocked as you succeed at earlier levels. You get one, two or three stars or fail depending on how many gold bars drop into the lava. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Pack 1, which has 45 levels. Additional packs are unlocked as you earn stars through game play. My rule for playing these kinds of games is I don't advance until I have three stars on each level. So, I should have 45 stars at the end of the first level, which should unlock level 2, which only requires 35 stars.

Works without WiFi. Not compatible with Fire HD.

Have fun!

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