Today's Free App of the Day is Wacky Sound Effects
Originally $0.99

Only ten reviews. One one star review says it locked up their phone. All of the reviews since becoming a FAOTD have been bad.

Product description:
Wacky Sound Effects will bring that much needed wackiness to your Android device. Fire off more than 50 sound effects to annoy your friends and confuse your enemies. This app's collection includes Applause, Bike Horn, Fog Horn, Rubber Duck, Hello Baby, and more. The simple design is fast loading and not bogged down with slow loading graphics and boring sounds.

Six Towers also only has ten reviews, but they're much higher and this is currently no. two in the Free Appstore:

Product description:
Build Six Towers of colored bricks with minimal number of moves.

Each tower is made from 7 bricks of different size. You can take a brick from the top of any column and drop it at the empty space or put on top of larger brick of the same color.

You can play 12 puzzles from the Free Level Pack or try to solve challenging 50 US towers. Take a part in Daily Cup - 3 online fresh puzzles every day.

Only in this release play any of MILLION puzzles for free! Remember, it is a solitaire levels and some of them may be insolvable.

Have fun!

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