Today's Free App of the Day is Castle Doombad
Originally $1.99

This is a very nice tower defense game--I enjoyed it immensely. You have to prevent "heroes" from rescuing a princess in a castle safe using various traps--spikes from floor, spears, acid dripping from ceiling, overactive air conditioning. The evil overlord is at the top directing the waves of heroes. You earn currency by accumulating "screams" from the princess (there is also a scream generator) and coins and screams that the heroes drop when you kill them (no blood). There's also a flying monkey I haven't quite figured out. Like Plants v Zombies, there's a meter at the top that tells you how you are doing with the waves of heroes. Also like Plants v Zombies, you pick the traps that you are going to use for each stage.

I didn't encounter any of the problems playing it with my HDX (OS build that some report in the reviews--unless I tried to play in airplane mode. Then the game would not advance past the splash screen. If played with WiFi on, the game played fine--I'm currently up to stage 7. The game does offer in-app purchases, but so far none are needed to make purchases in the shop; you are able to accumulate enough "stuff" to do upgrades, etc. One of the other top reviewers reports embedded spyware. This, combined with the inability to play in airplane mode, is a big red flag for those with security concerns. It's a shame, because it is a really good game.... I give it five stars for game play, but will probably bring that down to three for the inability to play in airplane mode with the spyware that's reported. You may want to pick it up and keep it in the cloud in case the security concerns are addressed, as it is a really good game.

33 of 50 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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