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Jerry Hanel, author of the Brodie Wade series, is hosting a Kindle Fire HD Giveaway on his website. The winner will receive one brand-new Kindle Fire HD. In addition to that, Jerry has assembled a collection of books from various authors (including myself) to be preloaded onto the Kindle for your reading enjoyment. That means you'll have 22 free books waiting for you the first time you start up your new Kindle.

The rules for entry are pretty simple: Sign up for his newsletter. That's all it takes. Be sure to check the "Giveaway" box when signing up, and you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win the Kindle Fire HD. Doing this will also automatically enter you to any future giveaways as well!

Along with the single entry to be gained by signing up for his newsletter, there are several ways you can obtain additional entries! For further details, check out the announcement page over at Click now, because you've only got until February 1st, 2013 to enter!

Jerry Hanel's Kindel Fire HD Giveaway
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