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3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD, our new Hidden Objects Kindle Fire App, is now out for just $1.

Please give it a try. It's 3 games in one with a total of 158 beautiful HD scenes and 3,200+ hidden objects for you to find.

We spent a lot of time to make sure it works great on all 4 Kindle Fires - Kindle Fire 1, Kindle Fire 2, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD+.

In the Nook Store it has 100+ 5-star reviews and a 4.5 stars rating on 175 reviews.

Here are a few reviews:

As good or better than any pc hidden object game.

One of the best seek/find games I have ever seen. Awesome graphics. Highly recommend this!

So many options, fun music and great graphics..this is definitely the most fun and challlenging hidden object game I've played yet. I would highly recommend purchasing this!

Lots of fun. When it says 3 games, it means 3 different games in one. Love it!
There are 100+ 5-star reviews because it's a good game. You will love it if you get it.

A scene from the After the Apocalypse Game -

There are three games, each with 40+ hidden objects scenes.

After the Apocalypse - WWIII just finished. You head out from Boston Enclave to Texas Enclave to find your family. Find objects in the hidden objects scenes that will help you survive the journey. Will you make it to Texas?

Lost at the Zoo - On a trip to a Zoo you lose your twins. Now you must find them with the help of the Zoo staff?

A scene from Lost at the Zoo -

The Secret Forest - You must travel through a Secret Forest to find your son. Can you rescue him?

There are lots of options - zoom, normal hints or infinite hints, 5 Item Mode or 15 Item Mode.

There's music especially composed for the stories.

Please give 3 Hidden Objects Adventures HD, a chance.

I'll offer a no-questions-asked refund if you don't like the app. You can reach me at [email protected] for any questions or problems.

Thank You!
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