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I have a Kindle fixed layout template which works fine. But in this instance I used images which were from a pdf and when I previewed the .mobi everything looked good except the font is too small to read. Now I have done these types of books before ( childrens books with larger text but this book is more like a magazine layout. I need to know how and if I can get the pages to zoom in with a pinch if possible. I see  no books like this in the .mobi format.

If I did this book in an epub and viewed on an IPad I can easily magnify the pages with a pinch.

Any help here as the alternative is to do the book with flowing text and I will not be able to use the background.

( think of a magazine page with a zoom feature)

is this possible.

any help?


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For the most part, our forum is for Kindle users and enthusiasts.  It sounds like your question is one best answered by our author members; the forum for that is the Writers' Café.  I'm going to move your thread there as I think you'll get a better response.


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