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I have done a direct comparison of the font sizes on the Kindle vs. the printed page. I printed the page from my iMac onto my Okidata Laserjet, using Pages (the iWork word processor) and using Times New Roman (regular text, not bold) as the font. I printed the font in several sizes, increasing by 2pts from 8 point to 30 point. This is what I found:

The smallest Kindle font - 1 is slightly smaller than 8pt, more like 7 point.

Kindle font size 2 is exactly 8 point.

Kindle font size 3 is exactly 10 point.

Kindle font size 4 is slightly larger than 10 point, more like 11 point.

Kindle font size 5 is exactly 12 point.

The largest font, Kindle font size 6 is exactly 16 point.
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