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My new mini-K arrived today (I had ordered it on Monday, unbelievable for an intercontinental shipment), and I have been glued to it ever since. It was to be my 'on the go' reader, but I see myself using it a lot while at home too.

It came pre-registered, connecting to wifi was a breeze and the virtual keyboard was easy and fast to use (I'm not a trained typist, to me finding letters on an ABC keyboard is easier than on a QWERTY one), in all of ten minutes it was set up, connected and the books I had chosen were delivered.

The size is perfect for me (my glove size is M, if that can help), I have no trouble reading one-handed (at the moment without a cover), page changes are great and I had to look hard to notice the flash to black of a full refresh (the flash to black doesn't bother me on my K3 either).
The screen is clear and words are very crisp, comparing it to my K3, the background seems just a tad lighter, it may be an optical illusion due to the dark bezel but I love it. 

Were I going to nitpick, I am not enthused about the new screensavers, I miss Messrs Moore, Twain, Verne and Dumas (not Miss Dickinson, though), but that is a very minor point.
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