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Reviews : 15- 4.3-5stars

Genre : Short Stories, inspirational fiction, morals and values

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Blurb: This Ebook of the genre Contemporary fiction-short stories is an inspirational family-friends read with a focus on the dynamic aspects of softer emotions and relationships between people from diverse backgrounds. Touching stories of goodwill, care, gratitude and love.

Anita Maher is a senior editor at an advertising firm and she leads a regular life. But, there comes a phase in her life when she happens to meet 12 of her friends, in 12 different situations by chance. The ball of fate keeps rolling for these people and each of the 12 protagonists share their tales in the form of 12 stories with Anita.

Anita is surprised to see that they are now not the people as she knew them before. How did they change? What happened to them?

Written in the first person narrative, the 12 stories attempt to give a unique and intriguing account about the dynamic lives of the 12 people and how their tales affect Anita's lifetime.
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