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Kindle Keyboard 3G (No SO) and Lighted Cover

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Hi all!

My wife saw my Paperwhite and got jealous. Can't blame her. Now she wants me to sell her KK3G and get her one.

Her Kindle is in better shape than mine was (she reads more, so she's just more careful). There's a very light, fine crack in one corner and under the letter P (I really had to work w/ the camera to get a picture of these at all). Anyhow, pictures are available upon request. You can also see them over at MobileRead (I couldn't figure out how to resize them for this site.)

EDIT: New prices below!

Don't hesitate to make an offer--I'll happily run them by the Decider. :)
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Bumping this again w/ a price drop!

Kindle Keyboard 3G, no special offers: $80
Orange Lighted Case: $25

Free shipping if you buy both; $5 if you buy just one. We're open to offers too.
Final price drop!  (At this price, I'm trying to tell my wife to keep it because it has the free, international 3G access which is not restricted as on the Paperwhite.  But she says she needs new shoes.  :eek: )

Kindle - $70
Cover - $20

Shipping's only $5, or free if you buy both.
Is the Kindle still for sale? Is so, is it in perfect working condition?
JJB said:
Is the Kindle still for sale? Is so, is it in perfect working condition?
It is still for sale, and it is in perfect working condition, though it's not in perfect cosmetic condition. :)
I was anxious to get one & bought another just a few hours ago when you hadn't replied.  If it doesn't work out then I will check with you again. Thanks.
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