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My Kindle saved me! My coworkers and i work in a high stress high traffic environment. Well, two of them neglected to stay home when they were very sick and really contagious.  Well, turns out they had WALKING PNEUMONIA which is hell on earth. It is very hard to get time off as we are only allowed 2 sick days per month ((days total, not illness total)) and we work in the food business!

Well today after the fourth day of constant feeling like poo I went to the ER, and as I was not on the DDD((Dead dying delivering)) list I was last on the list. Where in my Eros once again saved my life! Waiting three hours in the ER I managed to fade into two novels, not paying attention to the time (or the screaming babies!) and good news, we caught the illness early so I only need two days off :D and now I'm on antibiotics and on the fast track to getting better.
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Ladynightshade, hope you're better soon!  I'm glad you had a Kindle to help pass the time in the ER, always a loooong time.

You exposed your Kindle to WALKING PNEUMONIA! Is Eros OK? Does he have a fever? I would never expose my Kindle to a communicable disease. Get poor Eros cold packs and send him off to bed for a long rest.

PS - I can't understand why people think I'm a little too attached to my Kindle. For those of you who have seen the TV show "Dogtown" (I highly recommend it for animal lovers), I am thinking of forming a "Kindletown" for sick and abused Kindles. Eros could certainly come and stay with us for awhile.    8)

Ladynightshade - I'm glad you are on your way to feeling better!  I also love having my books with me where ever I go.  You never know when you'll have a few minutes or hours.

Steve - lol
Glad you got there in time and are not really really bad sick!  I am sure eros has a high immune system and that also could be why you are doing better - his vibes kept you from getting worse while waiting, poor baby, what a wait, yuck!
ER...that sucks...hopefully your kindle won't catch the "ghosting" disease. LOL. Hope you feel better soon.
LNS, am glad you are on the road to recovery.  The benefit certainly outweights the agony of going to the ER.  How wonderful it is to own a Kindle.  Our Kindles are true blessings.  Take care.
Ladyknightshade, hope you feel better soon.  I also take my Kindle with me wherever I go.  I had to pick up my husband at the airport last Sat. night and his flight was an hour late.  I hate sitting in airports but my Rae Rae made it bearable.
Hope the antibiotics have kicked in and you are feeling much better!  Added plus, you have two days of recuperation to continue reading your Kindle without necessary evils like WORK getting in the way :)
Wow, I hope you start feeling better.  I know what  you mean about passing the time with the Kindle.  I can't wait in the lines at the grocery store without pulling it out!
Wow you guys are all sweet1 Eros is just fine, a little shaken up but fine. I'm feeling a little better, but at the same time worse....i'm not in pain anymore but SOOOO tired.

As for the 2 days that's all. Not two illnesses (God forbid I get mono) two days. And there's no "Well i just won't be absent next month" I mean when dealing with HUNDREDS of at risk demographics its important that one does not have potentially harmful diseases in direct contact with them. Working woth food, kids and old people doesn't mix with having...well...harmful illnesses.
I hope you are felling better soon, I had walking pneumonia in college and was miserable.
Hope you get well from catching that walking pneumonia. Its a good thing your Kindle is resistant to the disease,... or else you would not have a great companion in the DDD.


I hope you feel better soon, I known somewhat how you feel I have had PNEUMONIA before.  Take care of yourself.
Hope you are feeling much better today, Ladyknightshade!
Glad you the doctors caught the bug in time, pneumonia really sucks!!
hope you are starting to feel better by now -
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