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I was asked just once, also while eating out (at a lunch deli). I go there often enough that the server knows me, and he's the one who asked me about it. I've had people look curiously at it but no one else has said anything yet - and I've yet to see another Kindle in the wild. I know there's at least one other in my little town but we haven't crossed paths yet.

NPR did a story on the publishing industry this morning and the topic of e-readers came up. The person they were interviewing sort of dismissed them as a minor market component, mostly used by subway riders and business travelers. Obviously she's not clued into the whole restaurant user group (let alone this community!) You can find the story on the NPR website, on the Weekend Edition Saturday page (there's a link to a related story from a few days ago at the bottom of the page too). I'll see if I can post the link directly but being new this whole forum thing I'm not sure if it'll work:

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1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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