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Kindle: Next in Series... What am I missing?

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You know how when you finish a book in the Kindle app (probably on a Kindle device as well) and you find that page from Amazon asking you to rate the book? The 'Before You Go...' page? I've noticed that on other authors, the next book in the series is listed with a 'See in Store' button as well as a 'Buy Now' button. There's also a section listing more books by the author as well as a list of also boughts.

I got excited and opened up one of my books and flipped to the end and ... nada. All I've got is the option to rate the book. No next in series, no list of other books written by me. (I like to see my covers lined up all pretty, side by side. Don't judge. ;))

How do I get that page to appear all fleshed out like it is for other authors?
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Did you format it with an also by this author page? With links? I format my own in, pretty sure most people do.  It's something you add yourself generally.
I think the OP is referring to the pop up that comes direct from Kindle rather than the also by page in the book itself. It comes up on my Kindle app at the end of series I read. I don't yet have a series of my own so can't check to see if it happens there too.
I had assumed it got its data from the bug where you declare the new book is part of a series and give it's number.
Perhaps it only kicks in after some conditions are met, like also boughts?
Ya, I'm referring to the page Amazon provides, not one I add in back matter.

For example, this is what I see at the end of Justice Calling:

At the end of Facade, the first book in my series (Which has been out nearly nine months now and has a healthy list of also boughts):

At the end of Unleashed, the second book in my series:

It's funny. The first place I go when I have a question is Kboards. I could actually, you know, contact KDP about this. :)
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I've heard they were doing this, but personally, I've never seen a next in series.

I wonder if this only happens in books published after they brought this in?
R. M. Webb said:
It's funny. The first place I go when I have a question is Kboards. I could actually, you know, contact KDP about this. :)
It's okay. We all do the same thing. <3 If you do contact them, let us know what they say!
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