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Hi all,

I hope I posted this in the right place. If not just move it and tell me where it went.

Anyway, down to business:

What I wanted to know from all the kindle users out there is does the kindle support PDF files of any type that can they be dragged and dropped into the kindle like a flash drive. In other words, I plug the kindle in my PC and it opens as a disk drive to add files and such, or do I need to use some kind of software to add things onto it, like the Apple software for the Ipads and such.

Also, can I add my own files or will the kindle only work though the Amazon shop. In other words, if I have a story on my computer I want to place on a kindle, can I just put it on it.

I assume they can surf the internet and read stories like on fictionpress and fanfiction.

I know its a but much, hope someone can enlighten me :)


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Drag and drop should work. No other software needed. Be sure to put the files into the 'documents' folder.  But, fair warning, if they're PDF's formatted for a standard A4 sheet, they won't display well on the Kindle. . .the screen is much too small.  There are pan and zoom capabilities, but they're not really satisfactory, in my opinion.  And you won't have any of the font size options you'd have with a regular kindle file.

If it's a text based PDF you'll probably do better to convert it to a format Kindle can handle more readily, like mobi or prc.  Easiest way to do that is by a third party program.  Calibre is quite popular here, and elsewhere, and is free.

For files that are NOT PDF's but word documents or something, you can also just drag and drop into 'documents'. 

Some people find the Send to Kindle applet easier: Send to Kindle for PC is available to download at and Send to Kindle for Mac is available for download at You set it up on your computer and then it becomes an option if you 'right click' a compatible file type.  An advantage of sending it this way is that the file is then also archived at Amazon and so available to any kindle on your account.  It does NOT convert PDF's.

The eInk kindles do not have a robust browser.  You can access the internet if connected via WiFi, (so not via 3G if you have a kindle with that option; that only allows access to Amazon's book store and wikipedia) but the experience is greatly lacking. 

The Fire line do have a more fully featured web browser and other browsers can be acquired depending on your preference.  They'll do most web pages satisfactorily, though I believe the installed browser doesn't have 'flash'.

There are also 'send to kindle' plug ins for most PC compatible browsers.  Many use it to send web articles directly to their kindle devices so as to not have to read them on the computer. 
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