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Kindle Recommending New Books by Previously-Read Authors? [ANSWERED]

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Someone told me tonight that their father - a fan of my books - told them about a feature on his Kindle. Essentially, what this does is tell him whenever an author he's read before has come out with a new book.

This, naturally, got my attention, and although I'd never heard of this particular feature, I was of course immediately wanting to know more about it. The problem is, I couldn't find anything anywhere on the web about this feature, how to implement it, or how to get MY readers to know when I release a new book.

Anyone heard about this? Or, better yet, know how to get your books onto whatever list it is that Amazon uses for this?

I'm wondering if it's something that's solely reserved for the Big 6(5 now?) and their imprints, or if it's something anyone can do, and is just some setting within the Kindle formatting I haven't seen.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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My memory is that Amazon used to send me notification when one of my favored authors published a new book....This was pre-Kindle, and was just by email.  After looking in the My Account area of Amazon, I can't find it now.  I know of nothing associated with Kindle that does it.
I've never heard of this through Amazon or Kindle - at least, not currently.

Goodreads does have two similar features though - it sends out a monthly email with new releases from authors with books you've previously rated 3+ stars (on GR though, not Amazon). It also has a new feature in beta mode for US members which sends you an email when a new book you've shelved as to-read gets released. Again, this has nothing to do with Amazon or Kindle but maybe her dad is confused about the source. Does he use Goodreads or another similar site?

The only other thing I can think of is that when an item on Amazon is out of stock (such as when it's out of print maybe?) there is an option to sign up to be notified when more stock becomes available. Perhaps her dad clicked on this a bunch of times in the past and is now actually receiving notifications for reissues of old books?

Oooo, I also just noticed Google has author/book alerts! - Holy crap, I had no idea!
When you finish a book on kindle, you may be recommended more things to read -- usually other titles by the same author or perhaps books that other buyers of the book you just finished also bought.

And, of course, on the Fire as well as the new PW (if in cover mode) there are suggestions along the bottom.  On the Fire, they definitely relate to whatever title -- whether book or whatever -- is front and center.  On the PW I expect they're drawn from your history/recommendations, 'also bought' information, and premiums paid by the publisher to be featured that way.
Ah, okay. So it's likely not something that anyone has any control over, other than Amazon. That's good to know. At least that way I know there's not something I've forgotten to do for me or my authors!

Thanks, all!
I could really use something like that. I read tons of sci fi series, and often email the author to let me know when a new addition to the series is released. Some do, many don't. You would think that all authors would have email lists for this, but they don't. If there was even a site where we could register authors we like and get notified whenever that author writes any new book, whether in a series or not. Sites like ereaderiq let you know when a book that you have listed with them comes out on Amazon, but it doesn't work for new books or for any other sites.


When I was looking for the answer to this question, I came across this site:

That sounds like exactly what you're looking for.

Over at Grey Gecko Press, we have a monthly newsletter starting this month that will let those who sign up for free know about upcoming releases from our authors, provide insight by our authors, editors and others about the business and craft of writing, as well as have short/flash fiction from our authors and appearance schedules... essentially everything you might want to know about our books. To subscribe, all someone has to do is email [email protected] with the word SUBSCRIBE. That's about the easiest way we've found to get the word out to all our fans.

Thank you so much. Assuming it works that book tracker seems to be exactly what I need. Thanks.

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