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I had been looking to purchase a Kindle earlier this year when the price of the Kindle 3, now Kindle Keyboard, was decreased with the inclusion of special offers. However I was busy and put off a decision and then the new Kindle 4 series was announced. Although the Kindle Fire stole the show the new e-ink readers caught my attention.

Cost and Special Offers
$79.00 for the Kindle with special offers is a very low price. The special offers are not an annoyance, most of the time when hearing about advertisements I envision the irritating online adds that have flashing color and sound; these ads are not like that at all. They appear as a small bar at the bottom of the display or using the whole display when the device is not in use, also if desired you can view all the special offers that are available. They are very un-intrusive.

2 GB sounds low by today's standards, some of which is not user-accessible due to the requirements of the device. Unlike other media devices ebooks use a very small amount of memory. One I purchased used only about 1.2 MB and some can use less or more depending on the size and how many pictures are used. Amazon's estimates are that this device can hold about 1,400 ebooks, now that is plenty of space unless you plan to use a lot of PDFs which use much more memory. The Kindle Touch does have 4 GB memory, which may be necessary if you want to use audio books. This Kindle does not work with audio books.

Simple. It only takes a short time using the device learn how it works, the buttons have a solid feel to them

As previously stated this Kindle does not support audiobooks or text-to-speech, it has no speaker

Size and Display
It is very light. This is the only Kindle I have owned, but the display looks great. There is some ghosting of previous pages until the e-ink screen refreshes, however the ghosting is very light and it can be avoided completely if one selects the option to refresh every page turn

The device feels solid, the construction material does not feel flimsy

This Kindle is priced very low, it is a bargain. Depending on ones personal preference there is the Kindle Touch which supports audio books, more memory and 3G. Although I have only owned one Kindle I have used a Kindle Touch and I do prefer the buttons over the touch display. There is almost nothing that would detract from a score except for one thing, which is the increase in price of ebooks recently. However the prices of ebooks are still almost universally less than the price of hardback books, but in some cases the price can be lower or higher than the price of a paperback
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