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Hi there,

I am an Owner of Kindle Voyage Device (WIFI + 3G)
Have been owing it from 2017. Its having some issue with touch screen lately. I believe it happened after I dropped it on floor. It didn't appear to have any physical damages on the touch panel or on the back.
It's working and I am able to read the books but some parts are not responsive. Like few centimeters from the top and bottom of the screen are not responsive.
The areas were its not responsive are the virtual keypads areas "QWERTY" but ASDF is working.
Due to this I am not able to login to my Kindle account and also login to my WIFI.
Kindle Voyage is WIFI + 3G supported.

Had sent it to our local Authorized Third party service centers who are partners of Amazon for resolution of the issue but they said that they do not support the Kindle Voyage devices anymore.

Just checking pals !! If I could have some support or thoughts from you to resolve it.
I believe there is an issue with the Touch panel. Amazon or its Service partners don't service this device anymore as per my knowledge.
Did a system Reset but the problem persists.

Is there a minor issue that can we solved by ourselves or we can get a touch screen spare from any sources.
Will be grateful, if someone could response and solve my touch screen issue.

Sharing a snap of the issue I am facing.
"QWERTYUIOP" keypads > not responsive
"H" keypad > not response
"B" keypad > not responsive
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Venky A.

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I doubt this is a 'minor' issue. It could be the screen itself was damaged or it could be something inside, both of which problems would be pretty difficult to sort out yourself, if indeed they could be fixed at all.

I can only suggest that you try searching YouTube to find out if anyone else has had/fixed similar damage and posted a video to show how to go about it.

Despite this being a site devoted to the Kindle, nowadays it's mostly authors rather than actual Kindle users and a general google search might bring up more useful information, including where to get hold of a replacement screen.

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I concur with Linda. It's not an issue that I've seen brought up here before -- where part of the screen is responsive and part is not, without there being any visible damage. But, for what it's worth, if it's an issue with the screen, the answer is almost always that it's not something the user can usually fix. But if the authorized repair people won't fix it, I'm not sure what else there is to do. Linda's suggestion of googling for replacement parts and 'how to' videos is a good one -- if that's something you would be willing to try yourself.

You might contact Amazon directly. I'm sure they wont' repair it -- it's not supported any more -- but they are likely to offer you a discount on a replacement Kindle -- newer model. The current PW is very similar to the Voyage -- though the Voyage aesthetic design with the beveled back is better in my opinion. :) If you contact them, mention the fact that it's a 3G device which is no longer a supported network -- at least, not in the US. No idea where you're located so maybe that's not an issue. But they're offering extra discounts for such 'legacy' kindles.

Sorry we can't be of more help. As Linda mentioned, the board is much less active than it was when it started nearly 15 years ago -- when Kindle was a New Thing. Back then there was lots of discussion about how best to set it up and what features we liked and wished we had, etc. And there wasn't really anywhere else to go for such discussion.Now we mostly just use 'em and occasionally chat about books or new ones coming out or software updates.

Good Luck!
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