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Hi there,

I am an Owner of Kindle Voyage Device (WIFI + 3G)
Have been owing it from 2017. Its having some issue with touch screen lately. I believe it happened after I dropped it on floor. It didn't appear to have any physical damages on the touch panel or on the back.
It's working and I am able to read the books but some parts are not responsive. Like few centimeters from the top and bottom of the screen are not responsive.
The areas were its not responsive are the virtual keypads areas "QWERTY" but ASDF is working.
Due to this I am not able to login to my Kindle account and also login to my WIFI.
Kindle Voyage is WIFI + 3G supported.

Had sent it to our local Authorized Third party service centers who are partners of Amazon for resolution of the issue but they said that they do not support the Kindle Voyage devices anymore.

Just checking pals !! If I could have some support or thoughts from you to resolve it.
I believe there is an issue with the Touch panel. Amazon or its Service partners don't service this device anymore as per my knowledge.
Did a system Reset but the problem persists.

Is there a minor issue that can we solved by ourselves or we can get a touch screen spare from any sources.
Will be grateful, if someone could response and solve my touch screen issue.

Sharing a snap of the issue I am facing.
"QWERTYUIOP" keypads > not responsive
"H" keypad > not response
"B" keypad > not responsive
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Venky A.
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