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The current generation Kindle comes in models ranging in price from $114 to $189.

For $114 you get an advertisement supported device -- but also special offers you may take advantage of.  WiFi only.
For $139 you don't have to deal with ads.  Again, WiFi only.
For $189 no ads, WiFi but also free 3G.  Which means you can download content anywhere there's an ATT cell signal.

The 2nd gen device that's gone on sale (also via today only) has 3G but no WiFi, a slightly larger form factor, only comes in white and not the 'graphite' and holds 1500 vs 3500 books.  Considering it was first offered at $289 in February of '08, and most recently new at $189 last summer, $89 for a refurbished model is not a bad price, in my opinion.  It still has a one year warranty, too.

***I just tried to look this up on Amazon and could find the refurbish K2 for $119.  So, yeah, '$89 is a very good price.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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