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KindleGen for Windows 8.1?

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I see KindleGen v2.9 for Windows XP and Vista, 7, but will this work with Windows 8.1? I'd like to download this to format a picture book for Kindle publication. I had previously sold the PB to a publisher but it is now out of print and I have received my reversion of rights letter. If there is no KindleGen for Windows 8.1 can anyone recommend a good picture book format program that will be attractive to Kindle readers?  Thanks a bunch!
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Hi --

I had the same question a few weeks ago and couldn't find a more recent version of KindleGen. I downloaded the one on Amazon and it works fine with my Win 8.1.

BTW, I use Scrivener for formatting, it's available for a free full-featured trial. The image import feature works great. I noticed a message on the KDP desktop about kids book, manga and so on. If someone with experience with picture books doesn't come along soon, that link might be a good place to start. After you log in,  it's on the page where you upload your book to KDP.

You can download KindleGen and then tell Scrivener where it is, or use an epub file to upload to KDP.
I use Kindlegen v 2.9 on Windows 8.1 and it works fine (also works fine in conjunction with Scrivener).

I'm a BIG fan of Scrivener, but I felt it had problems dealing with images. It was hard to get the formatting just right, until I figured out the key: Compile to an ePub, then open in Sigil and change all the widths to 100% and remove the height= lines. Let me know if you need any more info on that.

Also, note that you can upload the ePub file to KDP, and it will handle the conversion. That's the best thing to do when finally publishing.

You can see how it works by downloading the sample of my Drive, Ride, Repeat book. That has some images near the beginning.
Thank you so much for these helpful replies, TromboneAl and Secret Pen Pal! I will download it and I will also look for Scrivener!  ;)
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