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I just want to announce you a web application that I am developing, this serves to read the news from your Google Reader account via the Kindle web browser, the goal is provide simple, lightweight, colorless user interface to fit best possible to the Kindle user experience.

You can access the application by opening the web browser on your Kindle and entering the following address:

To use it, just press the button that says Sign-In with Google and Google will prompt you to give permission to the application to access your Google Reader data. Please note that KindleNewsletter uses a technology called OAuth2 to login with your Google account, this means, essentially, that the application will not store your password information in any way nor can access any Google service than Google Reader. For more information, see here

Since KindleNewsletter still can not add, delete, manage feeds or categories (for now), should be addressed to the official Google app to do it

Please note that the application is in a beta phase, so any errors they find or improvements that can be made, will be appreciate if you notify here

For more information on how to contribute KindleNewsletter, you can see here

I hope you enjoy the application.
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abhi said:
Eagle One Raptor, based on what I'm reading most people are switching to Feedly. It added 500K users in the first 2 days after Google Reader shutdown was announced.

It seems the safest bet.
BIG thanks for this mention - I've been meaning to look into a Google Reader replacement and this is not only ideal but it quickly and easily syncs with Google Reader to import everything! Problem solved and I hardly did anything. And it has a phone app, sometimes always lacking with Google Reader.
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