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Hi, everyone, I�ve recently made both of my YA Fantasy Ebooks free on on the Kindle Store. They�ve been formatted by the wonderful people at Draft2Digital and my free promo just started yesterday. Here are the links to each one if you would like to check them out:

And here are the plots for each one:

Knight School centers around three students of the Knight Academy, a top secret government school where teenagers are taught to fight the mythical, mystical, and cursed dangers that surround our world. Jason Gardner is fourteen and has lost everything important to him. His mother is in an enchanted sleep, while his grandfather has been missing for years. Julie Brooks comes from a family torn apart by magic. Her father was once a chief sorcerer for the government and succumbed to his inner demons, killing Julie's brother. Nara Roman is a princess from another realm, who has never seen the modern world. Nara craves to belong in this new, different world of endless possibilities. Can these three teens find a saving grace in each other after meeting at the academy or will the development of an epic romance send them spiraling down even further?


The Mystic Brats are back! After the spirit of Osiris possessed one of their own, Kirk Louis has brought Jason, Julie, and Nara to the other reality of Aria to protect them from being murdered by the very government that trained them. With all three of their souls bound to each other because of the mysterious Lunar Necklace, these teenagers must put their faith in each other now more than ever. But secrets surround every inch of their lives. Julie and Nara have switched bodies and are stuck assuming each other's duties. For Julie, that means dealing with Nara's deranged and abusive mother - the Queen of Aria! While Nara must confront painful inner demons from both her and Julie's past. And Jason is suffering from horrible visions of Osiris destroying the earth. Though, the only way to put an end to these threats is if the Mystic Brats make the ultimate sacrifice. But no matter what they do a new enemy from the depths of time and reality will rise.

So, if you're interested in reading some cool urban fantasy novels for free, please check out my books and leave a review when you're done.
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